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Released Games

Consensus | Together

A pair of complete, pay-what-you-want one-page narrative roleplaying games about a group of people working together to do something about the state of the world, and the importance of the rules that guide our interactions.

Using an identical setup and facing the same challenges, each game has subtle variations in its mechanics and framing. These differences implicitly showcase two very different visions of what it means to work together using consensus-based decision making processes. As they play, players can use the rules to improve the game itself, provided of course that they can come to a consensus about how to do so.

Work together (or don’t) to discuss proposals on the agenda as you define and then work to achieve your goals. Will you desperately try to patch the broken process before everyone has Something Better to Do? Or will you revel in the chaos, embracing your personal hidden agenda as you gather information, build solidarity and enforce the rules through judicious use of Points of Order?

Currently in Development


While humanity may not have made it to Earth's micro-scale post-apocalyptic future, life did. As a new symbiotic civilization of plants, fungi and insects emerges, they must evolve and adapt to face the challenges of the ever-shifting world around them.

Currently in the design phase, Emergence is an organic factory builder that explores themes of complexity, robustness and indirect control. Explore a dynamic living world, carefully orchestrate an intricate web of eco-industrial activity, and evolve your organisms to fit the exact niche you've imagined for them.

Join the Emergence Discord or check out the repo on GitHub to follow along—and contribute!—as we turn our prototype into a complete game!

Planned Projects

Fonts of Power

An original d20 roleplaying game (for both the tabletop and PC!) about magical places that have taken on a life of their own.

Our design focuses on three core areas:

  1. A unique, progressive, magical world that provides great hooks and makes running your games easy.
  2. Rich and satisfying tactical combat with unparalleled character and monster customization.
  3. A fresh set of narrative mechanics that foster player agency and create fascinating emergent storylines.

By using the same set of rules for both the tabletop and video game, this game pushes the boundaries of both media. Learn to play with the video game (since "no one reads the rulebook"), team up with your friends using the game as a first-class virtual-tabletop (VTT), then keep playing in our rogue-lite single player modes long after the rest of your party has logged off.

Join our the Fonts of Power Discord or check out the repo on GitHub to follow along as we turn our prototypes into a complete game!

Open Source Contributions

We believe that open source is the future of games. A significant portion of our work goes towards developing, improving and building open source tools to make building games better.

If you love our open source tools, consider funding this work on GitHub Sponsors.


Our game engine of choice. Bevy is a thriving open source Rust game engine, focused on ECS-first ergonomics and a powerful modular design. Alice is one of the core maintainers of Bevy, focusing on product management, documentation and the Entity-Component-System architecture.

We maintain several open source crates in the Bevy ecosystem, including leafwing-input-manager and leafwing_input_playback.


A pure Rust UI layout library, focused on performance, correctness and a painless developer experience (well, as painless as flexbox can be).

We've brought this project back from the dead, and helped build a small but thriving cross-project open source community around it. Ultimately, we hope to use this crate to help build the GUIs of our games.